About us

Dobco Medical Systems is an international software company that specialises in Web-based medical imaging solutions. The company was set up back in January 2011 by Jan Dobbenie and Kristof Coucke, two healthcare IT industry veterans, who were able to count on the advice of pioneering physicians, specialist physicians and experts in various business areas. The company succeeded in achieving a spectacular level of growth, and registered an annual turnover of €2 million within less than five years.

Our vision

We are firm believers in the power of webtechnology. Our solutions are based on this technology, which allows us to streamline intricate medical imaging processes and to deliver medical information to physicians and patients in a faster, more accurate and more secure way.

We also seek to develop a high-performance, effective service & support organisation to lend the best possible support to the installed systems.

Dobco Medical Systems is keen to continue innovating, extending its international operations and becoming a key player in providing solutions for collaborative networks in the healthcare sector, underpinned by an excellent service.

Our mission

We seek to offer innovative solutions from a different perspective to meet the challenges of medical imaging.

Towards this end, we are able to rely on state-of-the-art, wholly web-based software that enables us to provide patients and health professionals secure, fast and easy access to medical (imaging) information with clear and straightforward interfacing, irrespective of the underlying workflow or business scenario.


Working in Healthcare IT: Dobco Medical Systems

You may be looking for an exciting working environment and are keen to join a team of IT professionals whose ambition is to make a difference in Healthcare IT? If so, why not consider working for Dobco Medical Systems! We are always looking for new colleagues to strengthen our team.

Dobco Medical Systems, a dynamic company with a strong potential for growth, can offer you a pleasant working environment in our Zele (Belgium) offices.

For unsolicited applications or questions about our current vacancies or information, please send an e-mail to info@dobcomed.com or dial +32 (03)780 17 40

DOBCO Medical Systems senior management team

Jan Dobbenie

Chief Executive Officer

After completing his studies, Jan started his career as an IT consultant, after which he spent 11 years with Fujifilm Medical Systems holding several different positions in the imaging healthcare IT business. He subsequently joined forces with Kristof Coucke in 2011 to set up Dobco Medical Systems and it took him no time at all to switch from being a senior project manager to a highly experienced entrepreneur. Jan focuses on the general strategy and the continuing expansion of Dobco Medical Systems.

Kristof Coucke

Chief Technology Officer

After spending two years working as an IT consultant, Kristof joined Fujifilm Medical Systems, where he held various engineering positions and swiftly climbed the ladder to become Benelux Service Manager. It was during this period that he became acquainted with Jan Dobbenie. Together they founded Dobco Medical Systems in 2011. Kristof heads the team of experienced software developers and he and his team members are managing to develop an impressive series of innovative solutions.

Ruben Decocker

Operations Director

Ruben worked for almost 10 years with CDK Global subsequent to a research period at Gent University. While he was there, he was assigned a series of team leadership roles with an ever-increasing support responsibility, until he joined Dobco Medical Systems as Operations Director. In addition to operational responsibility, Ruben also oversees all the processes and certification cycles. Ruben also ensures that no question or issue is left unresolved.

Nicolaas Fosselle

Sales and Marketing Director

In the wake of a short period working in a hospital IT department, Nicolaas continued his career with Eastman Kodak and subsequently Carestream. In addition to healthcare IT consultant roles he was also assigned international Marketing and Operations duties and, finally, became Belux Sales Manager. After 12 years he decided to join Dobco Medical Systems, where he is supervising and developing the sales and marketing activities.

Pieter Vanpraet

Service Teamleader

After eight successful years with the E-trinity/CTG group, where Pieter climbed the ladder to become Business Unit Manager for Medical Imaging, he spent a short period with Televic Healthcare before joining Dobco Medical Systems, where he is the service and support team leader. Pieter works day after day seeking to achieve an outstanding level of customer satisfaction.

Steve Waterschoot

Senior Project Manager

After completing his studies, Steve started his career at a high level with S&V Management Consultants in IT engineering and therefore ended up straight away in the project management field. He then successfully supervised various projects with PWC Belgium. Steve has overall responsibility for all projects and can pride himself on combining outstanding IT knowledge with years of complex project management experience. He represents a perfect link between the “business needs” and customised integrated solutions for the end-user.

Wannes Kieckens

Software Development Director

Na zijn Informatica studies werd Wannes in 1997 aangetrokken door het toenmalige Quadrat als software engineer. Quadrat werd door Agfa Gevaert in 2000 overgenomen, en Wannes klom de opeenvolgende 17 jaren op naar verschillende posities in de software ontwikkeling met telkens stijgende verantwoordelijkheid. Tot hij door Dobco gecast werd, werkte Wannes als R&D Manager van de volledige Imaging IT site in Gent. Vandaag leidt hij als software development director de ervaren teams van software ontwikkelaars en analisten.