Databases: the PACSonWEB back-end consists of a distributed database model. Consequently the studies of the senders are kept in separate repositories to guarantee a constant speed and logical data separation. Thanks to this architecture, the system can be expanded ad infinitum in the future. PACSonWEB now processes roughly 2,000,000 images a day.

Web servers: the PACSonWEB web servers ensure communication with clients via https. Advanced load-balancing and virtualisation techniques enable us to guarantee a constant performance and the web application enjoys a very high level of availability.

Gateways: the PACSonWEB gateways facilitate the processing of all data, in terms of the DICOM images and any study and report data. Load-balancing and redundancy techniques enable huge data flows to be processed with a very high level of availability. Gateways available at the data sender's end ensure links with local systems, such as PACS and the RIS, and compress data without any loss according to the DICOM standard and send these in an encrypted form to the data centre gateways.